Wednesday, 4 February 2009


My final project in Libéra Universita di Bolzano, Italia.
Putting all today's offerings in a new format of a fashion magazine, the irony in glossy world...

We kill animals to look more elegant, we damage our
body (with a damaged mind) to satisfy ourselves.
The project is building a bridge with the ancient sacrifices
in an aggravating way. Series of photography are created
combining both beauty and elegancy with ugly and damaged.
These are the surreal portraits of modern offerings...

For hundreds of years people offered themselves and
animals to the gods and nature; for a higher purpose.
In modern times; we still keep sacrificing in different
ways. Our purpose to sacrifice is just for pure self
satisfaction. This project tries to express this idea
with unreal scenes.

I killed an animal for my pleasure

I wanted to look more elegant

Then I cut myself

Today, I sacrificed myself

I gave up myself

I did it for a higher purpose

I damaged my body to satisfy myself

part of body is a part of life. To give up spmething from life is a precios waste, a sacrifice...